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Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I will wait...this really does show that. Thanks, Christy.


I Love your photo and verse!


Yes, there is joy in waiting for the Lord always.


Beautiful!!! My only hope is You, Jesus!!!

Happy WFW!

From the hears

Your verse has followed me through my whole life, but after waiting the time God wants, He always answers our prayers. We just have to totally submit our lives, our family, everything to Him.

Thanks for being our hostess this week,


Hoping with you as always!
Beautiful. peace be still,


Blessings Christy...and belated happy birthday & don't worry both of my nieces were in mid 30s before they were no longer single! And what a beautiful reminder this is
to WAIT! I love the bricks with a tinge of fall leaves denoting PEACE! Yet as hard as it is to WAIT, there is a purpose in the WAIT and HOPE lingers. Your message is inspirational & this Psalm wonderfully encourages us!
EnJOY WORD FILLED WEDS> & thanks for hosting!

Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith

Patience...as one starts to learn patience, it becomes definetely easier to hear what our Father has to say!

That is a very beautiful image you use! Would make a great bookmark!

My Family Daily Adventure

Glad to be here, Amen for the verse.

My Memories and Crystals

Beautiful post and great verse.
Thanks for hosting.

His Unfailing Love

I love this meme Joy. I also love your post. God's word is always powerful.


I love the picture and the verse is so fitting! Thanks for sharing.


Great verse from Psalms...love the picture....

Teresa Lee Rainey

Okay, I'm laughing. My WFW was about getting up and getting busy. Yours is to wait. Two totally different circumstances, but it made me giggle. So I'm thinking maybe - I shouldn't be lazy in my waiting. :*)

Thank you for such a beautiful verse. I love the colors of the brick and the leaves in the photo - and the message.


great post Christy!

and happy birthday. Hugs my sweet friend, I'll be praying for a wonderful love that only the Lord can provide for you!!! (and I mean that in a form of a person lol hugs.) I have several friends in the same situation. Listening last weekend to Liz Curtis Higgs on being single last week, was really helpful for one of them.


This is so beautiful and full of such wonderful -- I need more of His Word and peace in my life...


Good Morning Christy!

Thanks once again for being our awesome host today. Loved your graphic and word. Really good!!!

Thanks also for that powerful reminder.

Hope your day if filled with His presence♥


OH I love this. Then again, I haven't come across a piece of God's Word I didn't like! ;-)
Thank you for hosting Christy!


Amen! What you have written is so true.

Alicia, The Snowflake

OH what a great verse! My soul waits for Him and in Him alone I have hope. Happy WFW! Thank you for being our gracious hostess!

Kaye Swain

What a great illustration for such an important verse. One I have often struggled with, but which God has been teaching me about so much over the years. As a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandma, there are plenty of opportunities to learn it, that's for sure! :) One of my favorite "helps" God has blessed me with is my mp3 player. Listening to praise and worship music, a favorite sermon, or a blogging podcast while waiting for various doctor and therapy appointments keeps me a lot more patient. It's definitely a gift from God. :)


Waiting is certainly not easy but I can say I am thankful when I wait on the Lord...it does bring peace! Amen!


Ahhhhh yes...The great 70's and 80's icon Tom Petty once sang, "The waiting is the hardest part." I'm certain that he wasn't intending to tie it to Scripture but it's true...waiting shapes us and strengthens our faith if we let it...

what a GOOD WORD here today...thanks so much for this blessing!


Tracy @ Thirsty for Him

Christy, this is just beautiful! Boy, do we need the reminder to WAIT for the Lord. So often we jump in and do things OUR way, only to find ourselves miserable. Waiting on Him brings perfect peace. I love your blog!

Joanne Sher

What a great reminder - love the brick wall, reminding me of how strong and dependable he is. Thanks so much for hosting, my friend, and happy WFW!

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